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Bioseutica® LYSOBIER®

What is LYSOBIER®?

Whether you are a home brewer, craft brewer or microbrewery owner, you know how the brewing and fermentation processes can be difficult to manage and complete successfully. Unpleasant surpises can be caused by troublesome spoilage bacteria that can enter the brewing process with the incoming ingredients. You don’t want to let them spoil your beer. Yet you do not want to add chemical preservatives to your beer, nor do you want to apply severe pasteurization conditions, which would ruin the characteristic flavors and taste profile of your beer. LYSOBIER® offers an easy and reliable solution to deal with these challenges. LYSOBIER® is a natural extract, an enzyme that effectively kills the typical beer spoiling bacteria, while not affecting the yeast. LYSOBIER® is safe, easy to handle and store, easy to dose, and due to its enzymatic activity only small doses are required for effective microbial control of the brewing process.

Typical beer spoilage bacteria are Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB), such as Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus lindneri, Lactobacillus paracollinoides, Pediococcus damnosus etc. If left uncontrolled these LAB can cause unwanted incidents in beer like beer haze, off flavours and ropiness. LYSOBIER®, made with the all-natural (non-GMO) enzyme Lysozyme, extracted from hen egg white, is the best solution to protect non-pasteurised beers against LAB spoilage without using chemicals or preservatives. LYSOBIER® kills beer spoilers also helps to extend the shelf life of beer after bottling by at least 1 month. LYSOBIER® does not impact the taste profile of the beer as such while it can help to stabilize the beer foam. So LYSOBIER® is an easy solution to help you achieve your best brewing results. It offers a safe and secure way to protect your beer against spoilage, to allow your yeast to deliver best fermentation results, to preserve taste and foam stability and to extend shelf-life of your product.

By the virtue of these benefits LYSOBIER® can help brewers to expanding the commercial opportunities for craft and micro-breweries and is specifically suited for unpasteurized and special beers.

Bioseutica® LYSOBIER®


LYSOBIER® prevents the growth of spoilage bacteria (LAB) and improves the quality of your craft beer. By prolonging the shelf life of bottled beer thus expanding commercial opportunities for your beer. Try LYSOBIER® today.

Protect your beer

Spoilage bacteria

Boost Quality

Off flavour, beer haze, better foam

Ship worldwide

sell worlwide a top-quality beer

Improve safety

Prolong shelf life and boost safety parameters

Bioseutica® LYSOBIER®


Regulatory status

USA: In 2007 Alcohol & Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), US Department of Treasury added lysozyme to the list of enzymatic activity materials authorised for use in wine production (27 CFR 24.246). In 2008, TTB concluded that lysozyme is also appropriate for use in the production of beers up to 500 milligrams per litre.

EU: Lysozyme is approved since 2012 in beers that do not receive either pasteurization or sterile filtration (EC reg. 471/2012).

Extraction and purification methods used by Bioseutica have been proven to ensure inactivation of relevant Avian viruses
Note: LYSOBIER® is an egg-derived product and therefore should be considered as a potential allergen.

Bioseutica® LYSOBIER®


For convenient use in small quantities LYSOBIER® is available in 100gr resealable ALU-foil bags. These bags can be ordered on this website in quantities of 1, 5 or 10 bags per package.

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Bioseutica® LYSOBIER®

Bioseutica® LYSOBIER®

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Contact us to order LYSOBIER® in larger quantities and different packaging size via the Bioseutica's website. With these options we make online ordering of LYSOBIER® suitable for the needs of homebrewers as well as for the professional craft brewers and microbreweries.